Putting the Artist in Control: the Music Industry Rethought for Today's Online Idols

Orange Sky is rethinking the concept of record labels by eliminating contracts that force artists to sign away every right they have. All of our contracts can be terminated by either party at any time for any reason, meaning there is almost no risk to go to the next level with your music.


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What do record labels do?


Distribution means putting music out on DSPs (Digital Service Providers) like Apple Music and Spotify. This is possible without a record label, but usually (with some exceptions) costs you money and can be difficult to use without understanding the technical requirements.


One of the best parts about signing with a label is publicity and exposure. Your music will be advertised and promoted through a variety of channels. Some examples are online advertisements, YouTube music promotion channels, and social media campaigns.


If you need a producer, composer, mastering service, or anything else involving making music, Orange Sky can find and hire those for you. Of course, if you already have a team or a person who helps you with this, feel free to continue using them instead.


If you want to perform live at conventions or other events (both virtual and live), Orange Sky can recommend events (or you can find them yourself) and everything from contacting the organizers to preparing a live stream. Our only limitation is that due to a limited number of staff, we cannot physically send our staff to any live events.

Copyright Protection

Not only will Orange Sky ensure that your music is properly copyrighted, but will also hunt down any places using your music illegally that we can find and fight to have it taken down. This includes things like reporting free streaming sites and giving out YouTube copyright strikes.

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